ZEP: Am Samichlaus-Tag gegen die Banditen (Bericht auf Englisch)

ZEP Spiele am 06/dec/2013

Spielort : Kloten
Swissair vs Bandits

This evening the two team on the ice were hunting points. Swissair was the favorit but the Bandits were good outsider. This team came only with 2 blocs, whereas Swissair was complete with 3 blocs.

The first period start well for us, 2 goals were scored. First was a power play, 5-3, a good pass from Kai at the blue line, arrive in the center to Adrian…who give no chance to the goalie 1-0. The game continue with some nice shots from EHC Swissair, and another offensive from the first bloc bring the 2-0.

Second period, the Bandits came back and put more pressure on our side, but Ivan was a wall at this time, no hold up from the Bandits.

Finally, last period, the visitor were a bit tired because they were only ten. Our team continue the pressure with Zbynek who target a skud from the blue line…his stick and the goalie didn’t resist 3-0. The game end with some small action on both sides, and finish with a nice combination from the second bloc for close the game with 4-0.